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From sourcing to onboarding, battling with high employee turnover while increasing employee retention, looking for the right warehouse worker to fill warehouse jobs and distribution centers can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate this warehouse staffing process alone. At Temp Staffing Inc., we specialize in providing expert warehouse staffing solutions tailored specifically to the warehousing industry.

Almost 25 years ago, our roots were put down in the warehousing and logistics sector. This is what we know inside and out so we understand the complexities of finding reliable warehouse workers. The best part? Our warehouse expertise is available to you at the click of a button. Over 27, 500 candidates have been recruited through Temp Staffing Inc., guided by the expertise we’ve garnered, and the strategies we have honed to perfection.

By partnering with us, you’ll tap into our wealth of experience and proven solutions. Our warehouse staffing agency will significantly increase your chances of finding efficient and effective warehouse workers.

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Our Warehouse Staffing Agency Services

At the core of our business philosophy lies a dedication to prioritizing people. This drove us to expand on the warehouse staffing solutions we discovered for ourselves, and extend it to the rest of the industry. We have meticulously refined our warehouse staffing agency processes to recognize the paramount importance of acquiring warehousing talent with precise skills and experience. This has equipped our staffing experts to tailor our services precisely to meet the unique demands of the logistics and warehouse work environment.

Our comprehensive suite of services offers tailored solutions for warehouse companies, enabling them to be matched with qualified candidates efficiently. Your organization may need to recruit full-time employees through direct-hire permanent position staffing, find temporary staff or a great warehouse worker to manage peak seasons, or evaluate potential hires with our temp-to-hire programs. Whatever the warehouse job demands, our warehouse staffing agency ensures a seamless integration process, and successful, sustainable streamlined administrative workflows.

Let Us Find Expert Talent For You

Amidst our expansion in size, expertise, and technological capabilities, one principle remains steadfast: our profound conviction that the cornerstone of any successful business is its workforce. Our vast network of pre-screened warehouse professionals solidifies our standing amongst the most reputable warehouse staffing agencies. This has enabled us to promptly match you with the best candidates for your warehouse positions.
Furthermore, our commitment to fostering cultural alignment, promoting employee engagement, and offering competitive compensation ensures the sustained motivation and productivity of your warehouse team. The success of your warehouse operations doesn’t have to be a gamble. As the foremost warehouse staffing agency in Indianapolis, partnering with us grants you access to skilled workers for:

Forklift Operators Warehouse Jobs

Assembly Warehouse Jobs

Order Picking Warehouse Jobs

Material Handling Warehouse Jobs

General Labor Warehouse Jobs

How it Works

At the heart of our mission, our warehouse staffing agency and seasoned hiring process remain steadfastly dedicated to sourcing, nurturing, and sustaining employment opportunities for qualified employees within the warehouse industry. Our commitment extends to using data-driven insights to streamline your warehouse operations and reduce employee turnover.

Step 1


We start with an in-depth consultation to explore your specific business needs and challenges.

Step 2

Needs Assessment

Then we conduct a comprehensive needs assessment to tailor a bespoke strategy for your warehouse and distribution center.

Step 3

Search & Selection

By harnessing our extensive network, we execute a targeted search for potential candidates, presenting you with qualified warehouse candidates who meticulously align with your job specifications and work culture.

Step 4


We facilitate thorough interviews and provide continuous support throughout the selection journey, ensuring the identification of the most suitable and flexible candidates for your workforce.

Step 5


Upon selection, we orchestrate a seamless onboarding and integration process, overseeing pre-employment screenings, training initiatives, and administrative formalities.

Step 6

Ongoing Support

Our ongoing collaboration includes proactive support, monitoring your evolving staffing needs, offering agile talent solutions to optimize your workforce for sustained success, and addressing any emerging concerns.



Our extensive experience is our pride. It fuels our ability to provide unparalleled customer service and highly adaptable warehouse staffing solutions. Explore how our proven track record and trusted recruitment process have empowered other businesses to achieve their goals.

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Why Choose Temp Staffing Inc.

Partnering with Temp Staffing Inc. as your warehouse staffing agency promises to be a time and cost-saving endeavor. Our comprehensive services aim to optimize your hiring process within the supply chain, thus ensuring efficiency and efficacy every step of the way.
We streamline the recruitment process by handling prescreening, interviews, background checks, drug tests, and skills training. We then meticulously select warehouse workers tailored to your work ethic. Our cost-effective rates and flexible solutions are designed to meet your budget without compromising on quality.
Backed by a dedicated recruitment team specializing in the warehouse industry, we offer transparent procedures and seamless coordination to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.
With our wealth of experience and commitment to excellence, Temp Staffing Inc. stands ready to provide unparalleled warehouse staffing solutions tailored precisely to your warehouse staffing needs.

Other Staffing
in Services

While we started as a humble warehousing, logistics, and distribution center staffing agency, our dedication to finding effective staffing solutions has propelled us into various other critical industries. From janitorial services and cleaning to manufacturing, general labor and assembly, entry-level administration, and landscaping, our reach has expanded to meet the diverse staffing needs of many light-industrial businesses.
If you’re a growing business operating in any of these sectors and require assistance in sourcing and managing top-tier talent, we are ready to leverage our expertise to drive your staffing success forward.

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Are you ready to assemble your ideal team of warehouse workers? Let Temp Staffing Inc. be your trusted warehouse staffing partner. With our industry expertise, we’ll take the hassle out of talent acquisition, connecting you with a skilled and motivated warehouse workforce that’s primed to help you reach your organizational goals.
Get in touch with us today via phone, email, or our online form, or schedule a complimentary consultation appointment. Our dedicated team is standing by to discuss your staffing requirements, delve into your company culture, and offer tailored solutions and qualified candidates to fill your warehouse positions. We’re also here to address any questions or feedback you may have.

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