New Contract Packaging Facility


This contract packaging company needed to develop a more effective contract workforce program to accommodate the fluctuations in labor demand as well as improved hiring practices. Their previous staffing relationships resulted in high turnover, poor quality, a high level of quality defects and significant compliance issues.


  • To maintain quality of workforce despite fluctuations in labor demand
  • To facilitate communication amongst facilities to better plan for workforce fluctuations
  • To recruit, select and retain a very large contract labor workforce
  • To effectively manage the onboarding, safety, compliance and performance of the contingent workforce


  • Temp Staffing Inc. (TSI) implemented a formal account management program, with a TSI staff member on call or onsite for 2 shifts a day, increasing employee engagement and alignment with plant operations and management.
  • TSI implemented scheduling meetings company-wide to better plan labor needs, resulting in lower turnover and a higher skilled, more cross-trained workforce.
  • TSI implemented a formal onboarding with a new time clock management system, lowering the risk of costly errors and decreasing time to productivity.
  • TSI developed a performance management system for the contingent workforce, facilitating documentation of skill progression and the opportunity to gain priority for full-time positions throughout the facility.


  • An increase in schedule adherence throughout their facilities by over 25%.
  • Recruitment model resulted in dramatically lower cost per hire and accelerated training time, with over 200 hires in this past year.
  • Overtime and double time costs decreased by over 15%.
  • Improved onboarding and training greatly reduced compliance issues and improved GMP Compliance.

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