Household Goods Distribution Company


A California based company that distributes high-end household goods was opening a new facility in Indiana.  The location was in a new large industrial park which had extremely low unemployment and was competing for employees with other large companies like Amazon that offered high wages and attractive sign on bonuses. 


Customer needed over 100 new employees within 60 days to get the new facility up and running.  Our challenge was clear: provide our client with the reliable staffing services they required to effectively handle and manage the fluctuating day to day staffing needs of their new location outside of California. 


  • Temp Staffing Inc. (TSI) worked with management team to define requirements for the various positions needed.
  • TSI recommended pay rates that would be competitive with other local companies and developed a hire-on bonus program to be put in place to reward employees for staying a minimum of 60 days. 
  • TSI dedicated 3 recruiters full-time during this critical 60 day start up period.            


  • The California based company began using our agency exclusively for their staffing needs. We methodically introduced quality candidates into their workforce that were ideal for retention and long-term placement. The candidates were brought in at entry-level positions and were quickly transferred into roles to be trained for permanent employment. Achieving this positive outcome was the result of our extensive screening process that supported our client’s need to build a quality workforce at the new location.
  • We were able to provide customer with 100+ employees within 45 days. 
  • Company was able to open the facility and start filling orders before their 60-day window.

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