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Finding staffing solutions and reputable manufacturing staffing agencies to hire workers that are personal to your manufacturing business can be irksome. It could be the stress of trying to find manufacturing workers, onboarding or even retaining talent; each step of the process can be time-consuming or even costly. But it doesn’t have to be! With Temp Staffing Inc., expert manufacturing staffing solutions within the manufacturing industry are just a click away!

Temp Staffing Inc. was born out of our work in the notoriously understaffed warehousing and logistics industry. As we worked to find solutions and hardworking employees to solve our problems we figured out the secret and we’d love to put that to work for you. That’s nearly 25 years of experience and working solutions, over 32,277 jobs filled, and 100% satisfied clients. Those are some great odds for providing staffing solutions.

Collaborate with us and we’ll put those odds to work in your favor and help you achieve your manufacturing staffing goals efficiently and effectively.

Temp Staffing in Different Industries
The Future of Temp Staffing
Strategies for Effective Temp Staffing

Our Manufacturing Staffing Agency Services

We put people first in our line of business, which is why we challenged ourselves to provide solutions to the entire industry. Our understanding of how critical acquiring talent with precise skills and experience has optimized our manufacturing staffing agency hiring processes and prepared our staffing experts to tailor our services to meet the unique demands of the logistics and manufacturing industry.

Our array of services includes personalized options for manufacturing businesses to find qualified job seekers, temporary staffing for peak seasons, direct-hire staffing for full-time employees, and temp-to-hire programs for evaluating the ideal candidate. Our staffing agency ensures seamless integration, streamlined administrative processes, and long-term success.

Strategies for Effective Temp Staffing

Let Us Find Expert Talent For You

Despite our growth in size, expertise, and technological advancements, one fundamental remains unchanged: our unwavering belief that the most important part of any business is the people who work for it. Our extensive network of pre-qualified professionals cements our positions amongst the most reputable staffing agencies and ensures that we can quickly connect you with skilled workers. Also, our emphasis on cultural fit, employee engagement, and competitive compensation helps keep your team engaged and motivated.
Don’t let workforce challenges hinder the success of your manufacturing company. As the leading manufacturing staffing agency in Indianapolis, a partnership with us will give you access to skilled workers for:

Assembly Manufacturing Jobs

Machine Operator Manufacturing Jobs

Forklift Drivers Manufacturing Jobs

Quality Control Manufacturing Jobs

Shipping & Receiving Manufacturing Jobs

Supervisor Manufacturing Jobs

How it Works

At our core, our manufacturing staffing agency and experienced recruiters remain steadfastly committed to sourcing, nurturing, retaining, and facilitating employment opportunities for individuals within the manufacturing sectors of our organization and through our services. Streamlining your manufacturing workforce is our priority and do that with data.

Step 1


 It begins with an initial consultation, you are encouraged to discuss your specific needs and challenges.

Step 2

Needs Assessment

This is followed by a thorough needs assessment to devise a strategy for you.

Step 3

Search & Selection

Leveraging our extensive network, we conduct a targeted candidate search and selection process, presenting you with qualified candidates who meet your specific job requirements and cultural fit.

Step 4


We assist in scheduling thorough interviews and provide support throughout the selection process, ensuring you choose the best potential candidates for your team.

Step 5


Upon selection, we facilitate a seamless onboarding and integration process, handling pre-employment screenings, training, and necessary paperwork.

Step 6

Ongoing Support

Our ongoing support and partnership include addressing any concerns, tracking your staffing needs, and offering talent solutions as your business evolves, ultimately optimizing your workforce for long-term success.

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We take pride in our extensive experience, which empowers us to deliver unmatched customer service and top-notch, adaptable manufacturing staffing and solutions. See what we have helped others achieve through our services, proven track record, and trusted recruitment process.

Hear From Our Clients

Here’s what increased productivity from running at full-staff sounds like.

Why Choose Temp Staffing Inc.

Using Temp Staffing Inc. as your manufacturing staffing agency is going to save you time and money. We save you time by prescreening, interviewing, conducting background checks, drug tests, and skills training to find manufacturing companies and industries the best-fitting manufacturing workers. We offer cost-effective rates and flexible solutions, streamlining the hiring process with efficient and transparent procedures, supported by a dedicated manufacturing recruitment team.

Manufacturing staffing agencies have evolved tremendously over the years. We take pride in our exceptional experience that has and continues to enable us to provide unparalleled manufacturing staffing solutions tailored to your requirements. It is what you deserve.

Other Staffing
in Services

We are not just a manufacturing staffing agency, our modest beginnings are in warehousing and logistics. Our passion for finding staffing solutions has guided our expansion into other staffing-critical industries like general labor and assembly, landscaping, janitorial and cleaning, entry-level administration, and of course the manufacturing sector.
If you’re a growing business in any of these sectors seeking assistance in sourcing and overseeing top-tier talent, we’re eager to lend our expertise to fuel your staffing success.

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Ready to build your dream team of manufacturing talent? Let Temp Staffing Inc. be your manufacturing staffing agency. Our industry expertise alleviates the burden of talent search and connects you with a skilled workforce of motivated professionals to achieve your business goals.
Contact us today via phone, email, online form, or schedule a free consultation appointment. Our dedicated team is ready to discuss your staffing needs, understand your company culture, present tailored solutions with qualified candidates, and address any questions and client feedback you may have.
Don’t wait any longer—take the first step towards a stronger, more efficient manufacturing team!

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If you are hard-working and dependable, either experienced in a trade or looking to learn a new one – we have the right job for you.

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Read our case studies to see how our staffing, packaging, and logistics services have added immense benefits to numerous employers in the Indianapolis area.