5 Essential Qualities to Seek When Hiring Janitorial Staff

Knowing how to hire a janitor is a critical aspect of maintaining a clean, safe, and functional facility. The qualities —work ethic, dependability, being a team player, being teachable, and communication skills—are key attributes to seek in prospective employees. These janitorial skills and duties enable the janitorial team to consistently deliver high-quality cleaning and maintenance services, contributing to the overall well-being and positive impression of the organization. 

When organizations prioritize these qualities in their hiring process, they can enjoy the benefits of a well-maintained and welcoming environment for employees and visitors. 

Strong Work Ethic

A commitment to a strong work ethic in janitorial roles means that employees are expected to consistently give their best, regardless of the specific tasks they are assigned. It’s not just about doing a job; it’s about doing it with dedication, pride, and an unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards. 

This expectation ensures that the organization’s values of hard work, dedication, and resilience are upheld in every corner of the facility, reinforcing the commitment to excellence and creating a culture of diligence that benefits the organization as a whole. This should however not put the candidate at risk of being burnt out


Dependability is one of the most sought-after janitorial skills and duties, as it ensures the consistent cleanliness, functionality, and safety of a facility. This attribute is even more vital for external cleaning service providers who must maintain multiple client relationships and adapt to diverse needs and schedules. 

Janitorial and maintenance roles often require adaptability and flexibility regarding working hours. These roles sometimes involve unconventional schedules, such as working during off-peak hours to minimize disruptions.

Dependable employees are willing and able to adapt to these demands, ensuring that the facility is maintained without interrupting its operations and cementing the satisfaction of clients and occupants. Therefore, you must use the right interview questions for the janitorial position to pinpoint this quality. 

Collaborative Spirit

A collaborative spirit is fundamental to effective facility maintenance and cleaning, especially when you hire a janitor. This is because the work is multifaceted and demands the coordinated contributions of a team.

Teamwork enhances efficiency, boosts team morale, and reinforces accountability, ensuring that tasks are completed thoroughly and promptly. When team members rely on one another to complete tasks, there is a higher sense of responsibility to ensure no one is left with extra work or, conversely, without support.

This collaboration not only ensures the cleanliness and functionality of a facility but also fosters a positive, safe, efficient, and cohesive work environment among team members.

Effective Communication


janitorial skills and duties


Effective communication is indispensable. It ensures clarity, understanding, and coordination while facilitating feedback and improvement. Communication is the lifeblood of any team or organization.

Clear communication helps in identifying problems, and safety hazards, as well as dealing with emergencies or challenges early before they escalate. Conflicts will inevitably arise which is why effective communication is key to resolving these conflicts constructively, establishing common goals, and preserving team cohesion when decisions need to be made. 

When you hire a janitor for a position that requires collaboration, evaluating their communication skills ensures that they can contribute positively to the team’s effectiveness and harmony. This is one of the most important interview questions for a janitorial position that you should use. 

Eagerness to Learn and Advance

The janitorial industry offers a wealth of growth opportunities for those with an eagerness to learn and advance. These include but are not limited to:


  • Supervisory and Management Roles: As janitors gain experience and demonstrate their commitment to excellence, they can move into supervisory and management positions, overseeing teams and operations.
  • Specialization: The janitorial industry has diverse niches, such as floor care, window cleaning, and healthcare facility cleaning. Employees can specialize in these areas and become experts in their field.
  • Certifications and Training: Many certifications and training programs are available in the cleaning industry. These credentials can enhance an employee’s skills and open doors to new opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurship: Some janitors eventually start their cleaning businesses, offering services to clients. This entrepreneurial path allows for autonomy and growth.
  • Facility Maintenance and Repairs: With additional training and experience, janitors can expand their janitorial skills and duties to include maintenance and minor repairs, reducing the need for external contractors.

Finding The Right Fit

The janitorial sector is constantly looking for individuals who embody the qualities previously discussed. Organizations welcome the right candidates who value and share their organizations’ principles, to consider joining their team.

We believe that the right fit is crucial for the success and harmony of any team. If you possess the qualities and values that resonate with an organization, we encourage you to explore their job openings and consider joining them on their journey. 

Always check official websites, online job boards, social media, and recruitment agencies like Temp Staffing Inc. for these opportunities. It’s a good decision for potential candidates to learn more about the organizations they’re interested in, which can usually be found on company websites, social media, employee testimonials, or by contacting the organizations directly. 

Temp Staffing


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Benefits of Temp Staffing Services

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Five vital janitorial skills and duties– strong work ethic, dependability, collaborative spirit, effective communication, and a commitment to growth – are the bedrock of success in janitorial and maintenance roles. They ensure a clean, safe, and efficient environment.

If you are interested in finding employees who embody these qualities and who are seeking rewarding careers in janitorial and maintenance, explore our staffing opportunities. Get in touch today and join us in our journey towards excellence.

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