Finding The Right Candidates: Tips for Screening Resumes

Hiring the right employee is vital to the success of any company. It is not an easy task to sort through hundreds of resumes to find the perfect candidate. However, with the right screening process, your chances of hiring the right employee increase significantly. In this blog post, we will discuss the best tips on how to screen resumes, to help you narrow down your candidate pool for your open positions.

Establishing Screening Criteria

Before you start screening resumes, it is essential to establish screening criteria. Job descriptions are a good place to start, but you may need additional qualifications beyond what is listed in your job description. Some criteria you may want to consider include education level, experience, certifications, and specific skills that may be required for the position. Establishing screening criteria will help you to narrow down your candidate pool quickly.

Resume Format and Structure

Resume format and structure are essential when reviewing resumes. Resumes should be easy to read and follow. The candidate’s most recent work experience should be displayed first, followed by their education, skills, and job history in chronological order. Look for resumes that are consistent in formatting, and make sure the information is accurate and up-to-date. A well-structured resume shows attention to detail and is a positive sign of a good candidate.

Evaluating Work Experience and Education

When evaluating work experience, focus on the candidate’s most recent experience, and see if it matches the job description. If the candidate has transferable skills in other industries, it could be a positive sign that they can apply those skills in new contexts. When evaluating education, focus on the specific degree and major, especially if the position requires specific qualifications. Also, see if the candidate has any additional certifications or training that could be beneficial to the position.

Identifying Red Flags

It is essential to be aware of red flags when screening resumes. Some common red flags include gaps in employment, frequent job changes, typos, or grammatical errors. Also, look for resumes that are too short or too long or that contain irrelevant information. If you notice any red flags, it may be a sign that the candidate is not a good fit for the position.

Using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), are software systems that help you screen resumes more efficiently. ATS software can analyze resumes based on keywords, work experience, and other qualifications. ATS software eliminates the need to manually sort through hundreds of resumes, and it can also help to identify qualified candidates who may have been overlooked. Overall, an ATS system can be a valuable tool to help you streamline your hiring process.

Conducting Reference Checks

Conducting reference checks is an important aspect of the screening process. It is essential to verify the candidate’s employment history and to contact their references. When speaking with references, ask specific questions about the candidate’s work experience, skills, and abilities. References can also provide valuable insights into the candidate’s personality and their ability to work with others.


In conclusion, screening resumes is a crucial part of the hiring process. Establishing screening criteria, evaluating work experience and education, identifying red flags, and using ATS software can help you streamline the process. Additionally, conducting reference checks can provide valuable insights into the candidate’s work experience and personality. By following these tips, you will be better equipped to narrow down your candidate pool and hire the right person for your open positions.

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