Managing Millennials in the work place

While every prospective employee is a unique individual, millennials share many traits that are affecting trends in the workplace today. The millennial generation is defined as those born between 1980 and the end of the last century. In the past, workplaces changed to accommodate older generations. In 2020, effective business owners will need to adapt to the millennial generation to best recruit and manage a growing work force. 

 Traits of millennials:  

  • Easily adaptable and enjoy flexibility 
  • Are used to feedback and honesty 
  • Like to understand the ‘why and how’ in order to achieve the best result 
  • Are the ultimate team players 

How this looks in a workplace:

  • Not doing something just “because that is the way we have always done it.”, being open to updated methods that could lead to a better end result 
  • Replacing the annual review with more frequent updates and ongoing mentoring, a style more suited for the millennials 
  • Working in teams 
  • On the job training 
  • Opportunities for advancements within the company 
  • Offering unique and flexible scheduling  
  • Focusing on workplace culture 


Millennials have significantly changed the workplace in a way that benefits everyone as long as an employer can be open to change. Adapting companies will focus more on employee experience, teamwork, and feedback, and find everyone benefits. Millennials will be a boon to your company in its next phase of growth as it meets new challenges. 


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