Is it time to hire additional employees?

There is a fine line between your current staffing having to work extra hard and hiring a few more employees. When hitting that point in your company, the focal point here is you are going to have to spend more to make more, which might mean bringing on more hands. Luckily for you this doesn’t mean you will have to hire full time staff, as there are many options out there, like temporary staffing. But how do you know when you are reaching the point of needing more employees? Here are the key things you should look for. 


Getting More Customer Complaints: Of course, when running a business there will always be customers complaining, that is part of the business, but be sure to notice when there starts to become more bad comments than good. This could be due to the staff, and yourself being overworked.  

Turing down additional business opportunities: You have had an additional rise in your business, that’s great, that will help your company grow! But ask yourself if your current staff can handle the additional workload or is it time to bring in more help? 

Your current employees are working overtime hours: At the end of the day keeping your staff overtime is going to burn them out and will mostly likely cost you more, especially if it becomes a regular occurrence. This can also lead to having to start cutting corners, and the lower quality job you are doing, the more customers will complain about.  

You, as the employer can’t find the time to maintain your own responsibilities: When you started this company, did you see yourself running it from an office or on the floor helping with every step of the process all day? You will want to make sure you have enough time for the business end of the company, paperwork, bookkeeping, etc. It is a red flag when you are finding no time to do these essential tasks.   


Looking to hire? 

If any of the above examples sound familiar, it’s time to bring in some more people. Yes, hiring is time-consuming and you don’t have that time, but that is where we come in! At Temp Staffing of Indiana, we are proud of our experience that enables us to provide unparalleled customer service and quality, flexible staffing and recruitment … All with the personal attention you desire and deserve. Call us for all of your temporary staffing, temp-to-hire, and direct hire staffing and employment agency needs.  


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