How to Manage Temporary Staff

Hiring temporary employees is a growing trend for many businesses. Temporary workers are a great extension of your company, so it is just as important to properly manage a temporary employee as it is your permanent employeesTemp workers are a great solution to keep up with workloads during peak seasons or big projects. To keep temporary employees benefitting your business, the following are some tips on how to better manage their time working at your company.  

  • Have all required paperwork, that could not be filled out before hand, prepared at the arrival of the temp employee’s first day.  
  • Inform both the permanent staff and the temporary staff of the arrival of a new staff member. It is important that both parties know who they will be working with, in case of in-house issues. This can also give the temporary employee a feel to the culture of the company, without bombarding them with too much information about the company.  
  • Provide the temporary employee clear instructions of the job, including goals and any possibilities of growing into a more permanent position in the company.
  • Temporary employees need to be kept on task, but not overloading them with infeasible amounts of work. 
  • Feedback is very important. Provide both informal and formal feedback their time at your company. Give them ways to measure their success and hold them accountable for what they are doing right and what they can improve on.  
  • Temporary employees often time have worked other temporary jobs before starting at your company.Encourage them to apply what they have done and learned in previous jobs at their current one.
  • Finding the right temporary staffing agency for your company is very important, take time to find a right fit!
    They will be up to date on human resource and
    hiring laws. 
  • Giving temporary employees the proper training to represent your company is a must. This will also give you time to evaluate if the temp can carry out the tasks you are giving them.  
  • Lastly, make sure they have been trained on your job safety rules. Safety training, providing safety equipment and other safety initiatives you would go through with a permanent employee.  


Temp Staffing Inc. started as a value-added services or fulfillment company, learning to mobilize and motivate people to complete large assembly and packaging projects on time and on budget. Through the requests of customers whose trust we had earned, we began providing temporary personnel off-site for a variety of jobs.  As this business continued to grow, we eventually incorporated Temp Staffing of Indiana to focus on temporary and temp-to-hire staffing and recruiting services. As we’ve grown, experience and technology, one thing hasn’t changed: Our understanding that the most important part of any business is the people that work for it. So, while we continue to expand our reach and scope and improve our processes and technology, our core focus will continue to be finding, encouraging, retaining, and helping employees find jobs with us and through us. 


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