Guide to A Temp Agency

Temp agencies are far from a new concept. For decades agencies like these have been providing both temporary employees and businesses, of all sizes, an alternative option to a traditional hiring process. Throughout the years these temporary staffing agencies have adapted to their growing demand in the working world. Although the core concept has remained the same, offering companies qualified workers on a temporary, special project, or seasonal basis.  

What temp agencies do for their clients? 

Using a temp agency is going to save you time and money.  An agency’s objective is to match the best fitting workers with their clients. Normally this is filling a temporary position due to peak seasons, special projects, permanent employee absence, etc.  Agencies save you time by prescreening, interviewing, conducting background checks, drug tests and skills training to find their clients the best fitting employees.  Hiring from a temporary firm also saves you money. Since these employees are not full time, they are not receiving benefits. Hiring temp employees is also a great way for clients to bring new employees on full-time after seeing how they work starting as a temp employee.  

What temp agencies do for their employees? 

Temp staffing agencies provide jobs for workers that are looking for flexible work. This often includes seasonal, part-time and special project jobs. After being interviewed and going through the initial applications, the agencies match up the employees with jobs based on their skillset. The range of jobs vary in size, length, location, work and pay. Once in the system the employees can be placed in multiple jobs. This make looking for jobs a lot easier for individuals 


There are benefits for both parties in a temporary staffing situation. Clients are given employees that are already qualified and gone through the screening process, which saves them time and money. Employees save time looking for jobs that might not be open to apply for to the public. Temporary work is a very flexible option for both the client and employee. 


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