What is temp to hire?


Temporary employment agencies, like us at Temp Staffing, find people to work for the companies that have asked them to do so for a short-term basis. The company may request this for a number of reasons, including.

  1. They’re still new and don’t currently make enough money to pay someone full-time.
  2. They want to see if said employee is the right fit.
  3. They work on a contractual basis so the amount of employees they need per project differs.

We do our best to find an employees that fits well with your company. This means they also consider what the employee is looking for, as this will allow assurance that both parties are getting what they want. Temporary work can be a wide range of time, from a few weeks to many months. Depending on the needs of your company.


  • It’s a Great Way to Meet People.
  • The Job Could Stick.
  • It Helps You Gain Exposure.
  • Flexible Scheduling.
  • An Opportunity to Learn.


Temp Staffing works for a number of industries focusing primarily on lower level warehouse, manufacturing, and flexible general labor temp jobs. We are always in search of people who are looking to work on a temp to hire or full time basis. Reach out to our staff today if you have any more questions about temping or our services!

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