Updating a Resume

The truth of the job seeker world; hiring managers judge you by your resume. That makes this one page summary of your skills very important for getting the first interview. Even if your current job may be working out fine, it’s never a bad idea to periodically revisit this document for a refresher.

Here are some suggestions for keeping your resume fresh and current!

It’ important to update the document at least every year or take time to refresh your CV when you:

  • Get promoted.
  • Learn a new skill.
  • Complete a big project.
  • Achieve credentials.


While these are all good milestones to document on your resume, what other polishing techniques should you consider?

Think about your resume as if you’ve never seen it before. Does it put your best skills, tasks, and accomplishments on the front burner? Lead with each section with your strongest characteristics and skills. Since recruiters and hiring managers will look quickly at the top of each section, try to grab them and drag the eye downward.

Remove old jobs; you usually don’t need more than ten to fifteen years experience on your resume.

Finally, eliminate any unnecessary words to shorten the document. Use a clean, clear font, and keep your margins at an inch or so. When you’ve perfected all these steps, then share your resume with a friend and get feedback. Having an extra set of eyes on the document will help you spot things you may have missed!

Finally, send that new and updated resume to potential employers!




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