10 Staffing Agency Frequently Asked Questions

Staffing agencies offer a lot of benefits to both employers and job seekers. But not many are aware of how staffing agencies work or what services they provide. If you’re considering using a staffing agency, you need to understand them better and a list of the best staffing FAQs can help tremendously.

With these 10 staffing agency FAQs, we hope to provide some clarity on staffing agencies and how they can benefit you in your job search or hiring process.

What Is a Staffing Agency?

A staffing agency or temporary staffing agency is an employment company that matches employers with much-needed valuable talent. It connects businesses with the right people for short-term or long-term positions.

However, a temp staffing agency differs from a placement agency or headhunting firm in that the staffing agency does not find you a permanent job, but rather they offer temporary staffing solutions to businesses that have staffing needs.

There is a wide range of temp staffing agencies that specializes in different industries. For example, here at Temp Staffing Inc, we specialize in helping businesses within different industries such as household goods distribution, food distribution, and packaging facilities.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency?

Overall, staffing agencies such as Temp Staffing Inc offer a more efficient staffing solution that benefits businesses and job seekers.

Some of the benefits of using staffing agencies include:

Saves Time

Staffing agencies are similar to a one-stop shop. In addition to finding the best talent, staffing agencies will also handle all the screening, interviewing, and background checks for you. This staffing solution is much more efficient as it saves businesses a lot of time in the hiring process. 

Less Training

When you use staffing agencies, the employees placed in your company will have the required skills and experience for the job. This is because staffing agencies only work with qualified candidates. As a result, businesses will have to spend less time training the new employees.

Reduced Costs

Another benefit of using staffing agencies is that it can help businesses save money. When you use staffing agencies, businesses only have to pay for the staffing services when they need them. This is a more cost-effective staffing solution as businesses do not have to bear the costs of full-time employees such as health insurance and other benefits.

Access To A Wide Database

When you work with staffing agencies, you will have access to a wide database of qualified candidates. This is because staffing agencies spend time and resources to build a database of qualified candidates. As a result, staffing agencies can offer businesses a staffing solution that is tailored to their specific needs.

When Should I Use a Staffing Agency?

temp staffing agency

Besides offering short-term staffing solutions, staffing agencies also help businesses that are in different unfavorable situations. Here are 5 situations where staffing agencies can be of help:

To Fill A Temporary Position

One of the most common reasons businesses use staffing agencies is to fill a temporary position. This could be due to an increase in workload or a leave of absence.

To Save on Training Costs

As mentioned earlier, staffing agencies can help businesses save on training costs as the employees placed have the required skills and experience.

To Save on Recruitment Costs

Another way staffing agencies can help businesses save money is by reducing recruitment costs. This is because staffing agencies will handle the entire recruitment process for you.

To Save on Employee Benefits Costs

When you use staffing agencies, employers only have to pay for the staffing services when they need them. This means businesses do not have to bear the costs of full-time employees, such as health insurance and other benefits.

To Streamline The Hiring Process

Staffing agencies can also help businesses streamline their hiring process. This is because staffing agencies will handle all the screening, interviewing, and background checks for you. As a result, companies will have more time to focus on other crucial tasks.

How Does a Staffing Agency Work?

Generally, temp staffing agencies utilize a streamlined system that helps businesses find the best talent for their specific needs. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how staffing agencies work:

Step 1: Hiring Request

Businesses that need staffing services will first have to make a staffing request by filling up a form or calling the staffing agency directly. It only takes a few minutes.

Step Two: Staffing Agency Reviews Request

After receiving the staffing request, the staffing agency will review the request to see if it can meet the specific needs of businesses.

Step Three: Businesses Approve Candidates

The staffing agency will then send a list of qualified candidates to businesses. From there, businesses will be able to interview the candidates and select the ones they want to hire.

Step Four:  Hiring & Payment

After businesses have selected the candidates they want to hire, the staffing agency will then handle all the paperwork and finalize the hiring. Once this is done, businesses will then have to make the staffing payment.

How Much Does a Staffing Agency Charge?

Instead of charging the employee for their services, staffing agencies will charge businesses a fee. This staffing fee is usually a percentage of the employee’s salary. For example, if the staffing agency charges a 20% fee and the employee’s hourly rate is  $20, businesses will have to pay the staffing agency $24 per hour ($20 x 20% + $20 = $24).

Despite this,  staffing agencies are still able to offer businesses cost-effective staffing solutions as they can find qualified candidates quickly. This is because staffing agencies reduce the time and cost involved with the recruitment process.

How Do I Get a Job at a Staffing Agency?

If you are interested in working with a staffing agency, here are a few tips to help you get started:

Search For Staffing Agencies in Your Area

The first step is to search for staffing agencies in your area. You can do this by going online or checking the Yellow Pages. Ensure that you narrow down your search by focusing on reputable agencies that specialize in your specific industry. For example, if you are looking for a temp staffing agency in Indianapolis that specializes in manufacturing,  you can try searching for “manufacturing staffing agencies in Indianapolis”.

Understand the Agency’s Hiring Process

After you have found a few staffing agencies that you are interested in, the next step is to understand their hiring process. This will give you a better idea of how the staffing agency screens and prepares the talent they work with.

Request Client Testimonials

Who better to ask about the staffing agency than the businesses they have worked with in the past? As such, you should always request client testimonials before deciding to work with a staffing agency. This will give you insights into the staffing agency’s work ethic and the quality of their talent.

What Questions Should I Ask a Staffing Agency?

Knowing the right questions to ask a staffing agency is critical to ensure that you are working with a reputable and qualified staffing agency. Here are a few questions that you should always ask a staffing agency:

  • What type of staffing services do you provide?
  • What is your staffing fee?
  • How do you screen your candidates?
  • Can you provide me with client testimonials?
  • What is the minimum wage?
  • Do you have any industry-specific staffing agencies?
  • What is the average length of your staffing assignments?
  • How do you handle poor placements or performance?
  • What is the staffing agency’s refund policy?

By asking the right questions, you will be able to quickly identify staffing agencies that are not a good fit for you.

What Is the Best Staffing Agency?

There is no “one size fits all” staffing agency. The best staffing agency is the one that can meet your specific needs.

To find the best staffing agency for you, here are a few things you should be looking out for:

A Thorough Screening and Matching Process

The staffing agency should have a thorough screening and matching process to ensure that they only work with qualified candidates.

An Outstanding Reputation

The staffing agency should have an outstanding reputation within the industry. This can be determined by reading online reviews or asking for client testimonials. 

A Focus on Your Specific Industry

The staffing agency should focus on your specific industry. This means that they should have a good understanding of your industry’s staffing needs.

How Do I Start Looking for a Staffing Agency?

If you are interested in working with a staffing agency, the best place to start is by searching online, whether through an online search, social media, or online job boards.

Another great way to find staffing agencies is by attending industry events or job fairs. This will allow you to meet with staffing agencies in person and get a better understanding of the type of staffing services they provide.

Trying to find a staffing agency can be overwhelming, but by following these tips, you will be well on your way to finding the staffing agency that is the best fit for you.

If you are looking for a reputable temp staffing agency in Indianapolis, contact us today! We at Temp Staffing Inc. specialize in helping businesses connect with top talent.

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