Frustrated with Job Searching? Read this!

Searching and applying for jobs can be super stressful. Submitting resumes for each company, fill out an application, create logins, and keep track of which companies you have spoken with. Let Temp Staffing make it simple for you! Contact us today and we can help you out.

Don’t know how a staffing agency works? No problem! Here are some commonly asked questions with our answers.

How do I get started? Give us a call at 317-829-7405. We will walk you through our process.

Does it cost anything? There is ZERO cost to you for using our staffing services.

How will this help me? We will help find you the perfect job for you based on your qualifications and goals.

What companies do you work with? We work in the warehouse and manufacturing industries near Indianapolis.

Staffing agencies have immensely evolved over the years and a vast majority of companies, especially over the past year due to the pandemic, are starting to outsource their hiring needs. Let us do the hard work finding the perfect position that fits your skill set, and goals. We are here to make your job search easy!


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