Food Distribution Cold Facility


A national food distribution with multiple facilities, cold working environments and unpredictable working hours.  Company was using 3 separate staffing agencies to fill positions, creating inconsistencies in how they filled labor needs.   Working hours varied greatly due to poor production performance and daily order levels.   Temp Staffing Inc. (TSI) strategically evaluated their workforce challenges, then showed the client how to cut their overall costs by increasing  productivity and lowering turnover and finding a more diverse workforce.


  • To maintain quality of workforce despite fluctuations in order levels.
  • Cold working environment led to, poor morale, high turnover and excessive training costs.
  • We sought to address these issues by offering a unique approach to rewarding employees for long term commitment and faster production.
  • To effectively manage the onboarding, safety, compliance and performance of the contingent workforce.


  • Temp Staffing Inc. (TSI) worked with management team to implement a performance based incentive program to reward employees for productivity.
  • TSI recommended incentive program to be put in place to reward employees for staying  with company long term with bonus pay at 6 and 12 months.
  • TSI developed customer specific referral bonus program to help with recruitment of new employees and hired bilingual team leads to improve communication.
  • TSI offered better staffing rates for long term employees due to lower recruiting costs.


  • TSI became the only outside Staffing Agency which streamlined a more efficient hiring process, which lowered recruiting costs by 18%.
  • Incentive based performance program has increased production and reduced hours needed to fill daily orders.
  • Average length assignment increased by 40%.
  • Improved communication has helped lead to a reduction in turnover by 30%.
  • Overall production has increased by 25% and facility is now the #1 facility in company.



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